• What does "Omakase" mean?

    Omakase means "I leave it to the chef". This style of cuisine is very popular amongst the japanese. The Edo style omakase has a very rich and traditional history. Our goal is for our guests to experience an authentic and traditional Edo style cuisine. Omakase can only be enjoyed at the Bar (counter), which is why its limited to 8 People max. By serving our guests at the bar we are able to minimize the oxidation of our fish and maintain the perfect temperature for our dishes. Our courses vary by season and will therefore change  at least once a month.

    We ask our customers to book a course in advance and to show up on time. Our Omakse course can only start once all our guests have taken their seats. For late arrivals, we reserve the right to move your reservation to the next seating (depending on availibility).


    Omakase Dinner | Reservation only |


    We have 2 Omakase Seatings from Monday - Friday starting at 18:30 and 20:00 (additional seating upon request)

    3 Omakase Seatings for Saturday starting at 18:30, 20:00 and 21:30

    Dinner Courses take approximately 60-70 mins. After the Omakase is finished you will be enjoying your dessert and tea, which are included in the Omakase, at the Bar. If you wish to stay longer - no problem - enjoy your drink at our lounge area.


    Special Omakase by Yusuke Sasaki

    Fr. 119.80

    Menu details upon E-mail request | Vegetarian options need to be informed at least 3 days before





    NEW Omakase walk-in Sushi Bar for Lunch

    Enjoy our new Omakase Course Chibi and Dekai specially created for Lunch time



Mix of seasonal Fish and Seafood combined with various ingredients on top of our homemade Rice. SEE LUNCH MENU


Seasonal Fish /raw/pickled fish/Fish flambé Take the Nori Sheet, add some homemade Rice, combine with various toppings of your choice and fold by hand. SEE LUNCH MENU



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